Executive JetVan Sprinter

Executive JetVan Sprinter


Passengers: up to 9
Luggage: 1.5 suitcase per passenger

Mercedes-Benz Sprinters are the luxury car of choice for a group of high-level professionals. Its contemporary design and leather interior give comfort and appeal for group and event transportation. Individual forward-facing seats in the car are also ideal for long drives.

Perfect Choice for a group of high-level executives traveling on 

* Financial Roadshows

* Shuttle services during an event 

* A group of executives arriving
or departing via private jet 

* Multiple passengers traveling
long distances.

$300 Base (2hour) or $5 per mile (outside of city limits over 35 miles), plus 20% gratuity, 4-12% fuel fee, early/late fee for hours between 11p.m.-5:30 am, and $4 airport fee may apply for pick ups. Starting at 35 mile base with an additional $5 per mile over each mile. Hourly rate is $165 per hour plus gratuity, fuel

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